I was 3 years old, or thereabouts, when I walked up to an American flag on a US Army Post Exchange, put my hand over my heart and proudly proclaimed:

“Space, The Final Frontier…”

I’m told it was hilarious, and it is (that’s what makes it a good opener here), but it is also important.

I am living my best life right now. We are going through a complete Treknaissance. I’ve been watching this show since I was young enough to make the mistake of thinking the opening monologue was the Pledge of Allegiance. In some ways to me, it always has been.

I’ve been a member of SFI (I’m bad at keeping my renewal current :-( ). I live my life by the principles of Starfleet as best I can.

Yes, I’m aware that many people are laughing right now, but that’s OK. Some people believe there’s a dude sitting on high casting out judgement, some people believe there’s a pantheon of gods out there all ready to punish you if you do wrong.

I choose to believe that we should be good people for the betterment of ourselves and others. We should always strive to do our duty to ourselves, our words, and we should live by an ethos that we are all stronger together in our own ways.